USA International Invitational Horseback Archery Challenge
Saturday, October 2


• Warm up

• Opening Ceremony

• Korean Mounted Martial Arts Demo

• Single (1) shot Competition

• Native American Dance

   (lunch break)
   Afternoon, start approx 1p:

• Double (2) shot Competition

• Native American Mounted Martial Arts Demo with Pat Stoddard

• Serial (3) shot competition

• Kabak Demo, Mongolian Mounted Martial Arts Demo, Moving Target Demo, Mounted Soccer Ball Demo

Sunday, October 3


• Warm up and introduction of events

• Opening Ceremony

• Hungarian Competition

   (lunch break)
   Afternoon, start approx 1p:

• Mogu Competition

• Medieval Martial Arts Demo by the Seattle Knights

• Challenge of Champions (secret course)

• Soccer ball play

• Announcement of Champions and Closing Ceremony

* schedule is subject to change

The Competition & Demos
The Horseback Archery Challenge will be a world-class competion where archers shoot their arrows at target series from a galloping horse. The various target challenges will be interspersed with a series of historical martial arts demonstrations. All participants dress in period warrior costumes of their country.

Horseback Archery is a new martial sport revived from ancient martial arts, and is gaining popularity worldwide with horseback riders and archers of all ages. Although there have been a few mounted archery competitions in the USA, none have been international in scope.

Invitations for the Horseback Archery Challenge have been extended to top mounted archery teams and archers in the world, and teams have accepted from South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Malaysia, Poland, Germany and the United States (the Turks and Iranians could not come after all). The USA's archers are from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Montana, Arizona, California, Washington and Oregon.

The Competition
The competition follows international competition guidelines for a series of different target challenges: the timed 1-shot, 2-shot and 3-shot runs in the Korean-style course; the forward-, side- and over-the-back unlimited shot Hungarian-style timed course; and the Mogu moving target run.

For the audience's entertainment, the ceremony of the event, and in celebration and honor of the caliber of competitors, several historical demonstrations will be presented. These include an opening ceremony with Native American dancers, demonstrations of mounted 14th Century Asian warfare techniques by the South Korean team (many of whom hold high-degree black belts in multiple martial arts); demonstrations of European Medieval martial arts and Native American mounted warfare techniques. Arrows, swords, axes and other weapons will be flying!

The course is setup to accomodate a prime course view in a safe location for 2500 spectators at any given time. Specatator seating is covered. Each day will have different competitive events.

In Closing
We are very excited to bring this cultural experience to the Central Oregon community and individuals participating. The spirit of international goodwill, sportsmanship and cultural respect and exploration are among the prime goals for this event.

This is not a profit-making endeavor, however, any profits from spectator ticket sales that may be gained beyond expenses will be donated to the Redmond Humane Society, the official beneficiary of this event.